Leaders of Excellence provides services of:


  • Workforce Development: Leaders of Excellence workforce development program equips youth with the credentials and skills needed to secure employment

  • College Prep: Leaders of Excellence college preparation program helps youth develop important skills needed for postsecondary success


  • Financial literacy: Leaders of  Excellence financial literacy program helps provide youth with the knowledge and skills needed to make effective money management decisions

  • Career Development: Leaders of Excellence career development program helps youth improve their decision making skills and develop career plans


  • Entrepreneurship Training: Leaders of Excellence entrepreneurship program educates youth on how to start and  operate a small business


  • Mentoring: Leaders of Excellence provides role modeling, guidance, and continued support 


  • Life Skills: Leaders of Excellence programs help youth problem solve, take responsibility, build confidence, and prepare them for adulthood

Contact us:(205) 304-1167

25 West Oxmoor Rd. Suite 23A

Birmingham, AL, 35209

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