Student Volunteers

Leaders of Excellence Workforce focus areas:


Career Readiness: Our Career Readiness program prepares youth to be more productive and prosperous in the workplace. Our staff helps youth create resumes, job search, interview prep, and equips them with the tools they need to secure employment. We also provide student internships and enrollment assistance into Vocational Training programs.

Technology Workforce: Our TechForce Program provides hands-on learning activities in technology, including computer programming, Robotics, and Aerospace/Aviation through Drone Soccer. Our staff educates and equips students with the tools they need to enter the Tech Workforce. 

Personal DevelopmentOur staff understands to prepare youth for the workforce, we must help students develop themselves personally. We help youth build their mindset, character, and problem-solving abilities to help them become self-sufficient

Youth Volunteerism: ​​Leaders of Excellence gives today's youth a platform where they can speak about current events and topics. We not only discuss issues in the community we create plans, volunteer, and advocate for change. 


All of our Life Skills Programs are designed to create long-term solutions, create life-long supportive relationships, and long-term results.