Leaders of Excellence provides services of:


Workforce Development: Leaders of Excellence Workforce Development program trains youth to be more productive and prosperous in workplace. We create resumes, job search, interview prep, and equip youth with the tools they need to secure employment. 

Financial Literacy: Leaders of  Excellence Financial Literacy program equips youth with the knowledge and skills they need to manage money effectively. We create 5-year financial plans designed to teach youth how to budget, save, and manage their finances. 


Entrepreneurship 101: Leaders of Excellence Entrepreneurship program provides the basics of starting and operating a small business. We provide entrepreneurship education, enterprise development, and help youth create business plans. 

Career Development: Leaders of Excellence Career Development program prepares youth with the essentials they need to acquire and maintain a career. We assist with vocational training, post-secondary enrollment, and help youth discover their full potential.


All of our Life Skills Programs are designed to create long-term solutions, create life-long supportive relationships, and long-term results.