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Problem: The transition to adulthood can be a challenging experience for anyone, regardless of personal background, socioeconomic status, gender, identity, or race. It is certainly more challenging for youth who do not have the economic, familial, or social supports that can assist them to overcome the many challenges on their journey to self-sufficiency and independence. Leaders of Excellence (LOE) serves as a bridge between circumstances and a brighter future for children, particularly teens who would be otherwise at a disadvantage. Leaders of Excellence equips At-Risk and Disadvantaged youth with Skills, Resources, and Technical assistance needed to be Healthy, Socially Conscious, Self-Sufficient Adults. Our Workforce Development programs provide a safety net and support network for transition age youth in Alabama.

Solution: We believes today's youth have the power to transform themselves, their communities, and the world around them. Leaders of Excellence is striving to change our community one youth at a time, by helping them to discover their full potential. Our goal is to transform education, employment, and talent advancement systems to address systemic and structural barriers to equitable economic opportunity. To achieve this, we have committed ourselves to equipping at-risk youth and young adults (Ages 15-24) with the skills they need to be Career Ready.  We provide hands-on training and services to educate, train, and inspire youth to become successful adults. 

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