Building Leaders Circle

Leaders of Excellence has served over a hundred youth, and many of our students were voicing some of the same concerns. Students are experiencing issues with education, violence, self-care, self-esteem, mental health, and peer pressure just to name a few. Many are experiencing these issues and do not have an outlet to share their experiences. We heard our students and the Youth Advisory Council decided to create a safe space for our students called, “Building Leaders Circle.” Building Leaders Circle is a place where students will not only discuss some of the problems they’re facing, but also create solutions. Our conversations with students are solution focused.

Our students discussed "Violence," some of the stigmas surrounding it, and created their own solutions to help combat some of these issues. 



Our students discussed "Self-Care," and the need for mental health support. Students created their own solutions to take care of their mental and emotional health. 

Peer Pressure

Our students discussed "Peer Pressure," and the how difficult it is to manage as an adolescent. Students created their own solutions to overcome social influence and paralyze peer pressure.